Where did the love go?

Society is to blame for today’s lack of deep relationships. Instead of actually having to get out in the real world and strike up a conversation with someone, you can simply avoid it all and find out uncanny amounts of information just by a click on a computer screen. It is so hard to find a descent partner because there are hundreds of online apps just for the sole purpose of this. Swipe right, send a wink, like his photo. I mean, you can even go on an app just to find people to have one night stands with for goodness sakes. No wonder substantial relationships are practically outdated at this point. And we are conditioned to constantly compare. There is always someone better, always someone partying at some crazy house posted on social media while you are sitting in your bed reading a book on a friday night. After watching this, you immediately feel bad about yourself. Why am I not cool enough to be invited to that party? When in reality, there are just many different kinds of people. Your definition of fun is of equal importance to another. Yet, it doesn’t work this way. We see this story and compare. Comparing is healthy to an extent because it allows you to see what you want to improve on or reiterates what you already have. Yet, comparison can easily become unnatural when everything you do is traced back to what someone else is doing. How do you fix it? I am still trying to figure this out. This takes a detrimental toll on my emotional stability because of how difficult it is to create and keep real relationships. All I really know as of now is that when you do find those real people, keep them. Hold onto them with all your strength and put them first. Before all the superficial “friends”. Even when it is the hard decision, always choose them. Because they are the ones that give me hope in this shady world that people like me do exist. They are just hidden underneath the rubble that Western culture has created. But, below destruction lies beautiful, new life.


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