Monkey see, monkey do

When did the darkness come into our minds when I can remember just yesterday, we were like two kids with the world in front of us. Now we are trying to stop the world from crushing us. It used to be all fun and games until the games started to get bought out by the invisible hand and the fun became a line in your schedule planned. Man, this isn’t the way life should be lived. We shouldn’t have to survive on terms like this. But it’s impossible to make it in this world if you want to be able to live with that decor. Maybe we have it all wrong? Is life really supposed to be about what label is on your shirt or what car is parking outside your street with the palm trees that breeze your loneliness away? “Be the person you want to be”, they say. Yet for 18 years they shove your future down your throat until it’s programmed as a response. You won’t be anything without that paper. You won’t go anywhere with that tattoo. Everyone will look down if you drop out. Man, fuck the rest.


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