Choose Love

I read a quote the other day that basically says that once we start seeking love, love will then begin to seek us. This doesn’t mean looking at everyone for a potential lover or going out to end up in a strangers bed in the morning. No, seeking love is feeling passionate and strongly for something or someone. Think of being in love. All the emotions involved. When you love someone, they become a part of you; your identity alters slightly with the new addition of another soul. Loving someone is the purest form of intensity that a person can feel. Therefore, seeking love is the act of searching for that feeling of intensity. You take more time out of your day to do things that you like, whether it be painting or going to the library. Creating the effort to break free from the daily cycle of life that is so consuming takes strength and will. Yet, it is most rewarding because it ignites love. Seek the passion and fire that resides in your inner soul. Seek for that love for living. Love is what drives life. Therefore, once you begin seeking love, love will find you.


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