She yells “daddy, daddy!”, Yet her demands remain unheard

Because all that is left in that fleeting car is the carcasses of the past and the unbeating heart that can and will never return the love that poisons her veins 

However, she can’t admit defeat

Her rendered soul refuses to sink even though she is standing at the tip of a sinking ship with no way out and she can call out as many times for help, but there will be no one there to catch her when she slips into the abyss 

So she will fall into the never ending sea of sorrow 

And abandonment

And pain 

Until the words “daddy, daddy” cause a pit of hatred in her stomach and she has the strength to break through the diamond chain that attached her heart to the heel of his foot that dragged her brutally behind his step

Yet as often as she will try to replace her lost feelings

The hole of emptiness in her spirit will remain untouched forever because when she comes to the realization that daddy isn’t her knight in shining armor and daddy isn’t the hero that rescues her from distress

Then her jaded heart will infinitely jump between longing for that missing love and loathing the existence of it at all


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