Fading Goodbye

He was different.

Everything about him had changed, not for the better.

The aura he presented reminded me of the way a king from the 1500s would have.

He was our best friend.

It was bound to happen.

This has been going on for years before.

The truth was always there, we just chose to not see it.

He was everything to me.

And now, now he has become dead to me.

It’s like losing a brother.

After all these years.

After all these memories.

It’s just over in the blink of an eye.

The two of us, we remained alright.

Yet, we never did make our way back to being in that same city together again.

I think it hurt too much.

It reminded us of what was missing when I was there.

At least when we were in a different city, he wouldn’t be there as taunting temptation.

We drifted after years,

But not because we wanted to.

It just became too much.

Too much of a reminder of all the things we are trying right now to forget.


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