Don’t Let Me Down

Maybe it’s not today. And maybe it’s not tomorrow. Hell, it could even be years from now. But one day, it’s going to come. And all of the strength that you have accumulated over the years will prevail with a partner who will be right there next to you for the rest of the journey. These nights that you feel so alone, just embrace it and get through the night. Wake up in the morning, put your running shoes on and start your day. Get through each and every day. Everything will be okay. You’re so strong. I’m so proud of who you’ve become. You’re so beautiful and wise and someday it’s all going to be okay. Change the course of your life. You can do it. It’s not about letting your parents down, it’s about not letting yourself down. You are destined for such great things. Now go and get them. And eventually everything will fall into place.


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