Hidden Lenses, Flying Planes

Am i hiding behind these computer screens and these lenses because I don’t know to handle the real world? I don’t know. I think its because I see things that other people don’t. Most are hidden inside the bubble of their own thoughts. But I see everything. I see the old couple who finds the humor in every single person that walks by – you can tell they have been married for 45 years and still are the best of friends. I also see the families with children dressed to the nines who are on their way to see more of the world than I probably have. I see the young, stylish college-aged students, like myself, traveling solo and feeling on top of the world because we are the ones seizing it. I see the professional business man in the pin-stripped suit talking on the phone with someone “important”, yet I don’t see a wedding band. I see loneliness, yet I see family. I see hope, yet I see devastation. But most of all, I see a different story behind every single person boarding this plane. All going to the same destination with completely different plans on what will happen once landed.


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