Remembering to Forget

How do I forget? I think thats the key in this life. The mastering skill of forgetting.. It will be impossible to continue on strong minded having to remember everything. What if someone walked up to you and said they could wipe your mind clean? Would you take it? Forget everything you’ve ever learned, everything you’ve ever experienced. Almost like starting over. All that you’ve been told your whole life wouldn’t even matter anymore. I think we almost like to attach ourselves to the pain, the memories that we crave to forget every night we fall asleep – please, please don’t remember this when you wake up. But you always do. Yet you still always wish the next night, even thought it won’t happen. When you’ve experienced such pain, nothing else can provoke nearly the same amount of emotion. If you know how bad it can be, doesn’t that mean you know how good it can be too? So again, I ask you, what would you do? Because I already know what I would do.


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