I feel myself drifting.

Farther and farther away.

I’m sitting in front of you,

But you have no idea where I am.

None of this makes a difference to me anymore.

I want to leave all of this behind for something I’m seeking but more?

More of me and more of this place.

I leave my soul for you to keep safe.

But my spirit will take off away from here.

Long I soar,

I need to get out of here.

We’re all destined for something so unique.

But my fate isn’t a place –

It’s the trees and the wind and the light breeze that carries your songs someplace.

Can’t you see,

This isn’t me.

I’m meant for something greater than this.

I was put on the earth to figure it all out.

But you won’t accept me,

Without a doubt.

I am designed to live on this solo ride.

You don’t need me because I want it this way,

For when I finally pick up and leave,

I’ll be nothing but a fading memory.

You’ll think about me from time to time,

With a sly grin,

Wondering what kind of trouble I’m getting myself in.

Just know,

For my sake and yours,

That my love will never die for any one of you.

It will burn bright within my heart.

For I would never be who I am without you today.

So thank you,

And now I must go.

The wind is calling for me to come home.


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