French Speaking Love

It’s the little things that you do.

When you touch my arm to ask “how do you do?”.

Or the way you speak French to me so elegantly.

I like to watch the way your tongue presses against your cheeks.

And you mimic everything that I do.

Give me your time,

I will give you mine.

Let’s take this slowly.

One at a time.

Press my hand into the palm of yours.

Feel the energy I radiate close to your heart.

We have the moons and stars and suns backing us up.

The sky has lined up for us – we should just jump.

Float into the sea of endless love with me.

I can’t stand the thought of being just a fading memory.

Pour what you’ve seen into my floating head.

Paint the scenes of what you’ve seen overseas.

Love me with all the pain you lock away.

I know you’re afraid,

I know I’m afraid.

But I believe in this and us and you.

I have always believed in you.


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