10 Year Unplanned

They ask me,

So nonchalantly,

Where I see myself in years divisible by 10.

I respond in a manner so sure of myself,

“Maybe in an office or in a lab doing research”.

They smile at my responsible response.

Then they murmur amongst themselves of how proud they are of me.

How I have turned into such a young adult.


What they don’t know,

Is how I really see my future.

I see myself sitting in front of a window that overlooks a snowy Brooklyn.

Writing screenplays and listening to symphonies.

Going to art gallery openings presenting the best artists in the world.

Flying to France to experience the culture of love.

Meeting models and musicians and chefs from great talent.

Making love to the sweet, sweet sound of rain in the middle of a thunderstorm.

Falling for people, places, foods, smells, sounds, words, so many words.

Listening to a beautiful man read his poetry to me in a language native to him.

Waking up to the sunlight flooding onto my face overlooking mountainous ranges.

Feeling the radiating beauty that embodies the essence of this life.

My future,

It is full of happiness and sadness and excitement and love and pain.

My future,

It isn’t something I can explain on a blank questioner.

My future can only be felt – shared through the raw connections of wonder.


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