Young and Free

I think about you sometimes,

More often than others.

Even if you don’t think that I do.

I do.

I remember those nights we sat up all night listening to the waves crash down on the sand we could see from above.

That time you cooked me dinner and sat up all night to hear my stories no one knows about.

Our first date –

I didn’t think I would be able to refrain from kissing you the whole night.

Those eyes –

It’s always been those eyes.

They pierce through me with intensity.

They see right through me.

My favorite out of all our memories has to be the night in your convertible.

We stuck together like glue.

I didn’t ever want you to leave.

As my fingers ran through your soft blonde hair,

My wall built there.

You were everything I had wanted.


You were everything I feared.

And I let fear get in the way of your sweet love.

Just know,

I remember the way I would see you sitting on the counter reading a novel.

I remember that laugh that was so contagious.

I remember the sexy smile you would give me when I couldn’t have you.

I remember running around the condo with no clothes on.

We were young. We were free. You were everything to me.


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