How badly do you want it?

What is your motive here?

Tell me,

How much are you willing to sell –

your soul for this spot you’re in right now.

I can’t tell you right from wrong.

The future is a little unannounced.

All that you do,

All that you see.

Would you change it for something differently?

This is your life.

You are who you are.

The goals you possess –

It is all happening now.

So then the question simply remains:

What are you willing to sacrifice to become kingdom of this domain?



Tell me you love me –

The way the sun loves the moon –

The way the ocean’s tide meets the shore –

Every single day –

Without skipping a bet.

Take my hand –

Show me the stars I have never seen –

With the world at our feet –

Never looking back at our past –

Just you and I.

Kiss my bare skin –

Your warm breath fuels my soul –

Making me lose control –

Melting my body into the embrace of yours –

Begging you to never let me go.

Our love, you see, is but a mystery to me. I give you my heart with nothing more in return than your mere fantasy.

Find me underneath the old fig tree, where I will always be, waiting for you to return to me.