Take these memories out of my head.

I can’t bare seeing the picture of you in my bed.

I have searched the world,

Looking for someone just like you.

I had it, too.

This whole time.

Al l along.

You were right there with me.

Not second doubts or wonder.

Just you and I.

Facing the world day by day.

Everything I hoped to received.

Is all that I just left so effortlessly.

Why is it,

That the clichés are always so true?

Because I truly didn’t know what I had

Until the day that I left you.



You turn your blind eye,

So daddy’s money can keep you cruising along by.

If you don’t know it exists,

It never happened to begin with?

More money,

Equals more fun.

So who cares about the ones at the end of the race?

They should’ve trained harder in the first place.


But what if they had the advantage of yours?

Then maybe they wouldn’t have had to go begging on the streets everyday for more.

And they could’ve spent more time at the gym.

Then maybe,

You wouldn’t even be with him.

And with this mindset,

Will always breed,

An endless race of running around the same track over and over again.

Bonnie and Clyde

Why is it always the eyes?

They get me every single time.

Your eyes always are up to something not good.

Watching everything in the room.

Trying to create your next move.

Observing me and everyone that I see.

You want to manipulate the entire room.

And I think that you can.

I admire your bold moves.

Take me by the waist.

Show me what you can do.

Allow me to be your partner in crime.

I’m your Bonnie.

Take me to your secret hiding scene.

My badass ways.

Your witty phrase.

We can take on the world together right now.


Is the world –

Ready for us right now?