Exotic Love

Your hair is always frizzy

because you don’t use conditioner.

The brown belt with the black shoes

clearly don’t go.

Eating carrots made you say

you just lost one kilogram.

The look you have on your face

is always so confusing to me.

I say how hard you are to read

as you say you’ve heard that many times before.

You act like a high schooler when we’re in bed.

You don’t tell me how you feel.

You are so behind on all the trends.

But I still can’t help but love the way you

make me laugh –

tell me I’m beautiful –

look at me the way you do –

remind me of emotions so hidden away –

laugh with your hands covering your mouth –

look so helpless all the time –

make me want to call you mine –

smile at everything you see –

listen to me speak of philosophy.

All the things I thought I wanted

you changed it all for me.

Now you are on the other side of the world.


what I would do to tell you how I feel right now.


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