Sitting, Waiting

It’s always these moments.

The times where the wind blows a little more gently –

Pulling out old memories –

And replacing them with my new life.

I think of you.

As I watch you leave with the overflowing sky line.

I try to forget all that was left behind.

Because it’s easier to pretend it never really happened to begin with.


Days like this bring me back to it all.

The simplicity.

And constant serendipity.

I remember your wild spirit.

How drawn I was to it all.

Things are so different from those times.

All the memories I left behind.

Crashing with the waves of those summer skies.

Do you feel me there when I am so far away?

I have waited many hours.

For my soul to release from my body.

I don’t know where I go from here.

Is this the end for us now?

So out of control.

I am watching from a distance into me.

While watching you see me.

And turn your back away.

Because I am now so far gone.

With no intention to return home.

This is my pre-determined destiny.

Sing my song to all that you meet.

We may be so far gone.

But it will always end with you and me.

Even if it is just our fading memories.


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