You say that you want me to stay

As you walk me out the door

You say that you love me

As you look at her

You say it’s all you

That you have to change


Is all that you need

But Baby

Don’t you see


Is all you’ve ever

Taken away from me



Do not

Look at my lips

They will never

Be yours to kiss.

Do not

Stare at my waist

Your hands

Will not go

Anywhere near that place.

Do not

Call me Sweetie

For I will


Live up to that name.

And definitely

Do not

Diminish my abilities


I promise

I will



When Love Isn’t Enough

I hope you see me when I’m no longer there.

I hope you realize what you just lost as I walk away.

I hope you think about me all the lonely nights,

when I could’ve been right there.

I hope one day you finally open your eyes to everything that was standing right in front of you.

Why couldn’t I have been enough right there in that moment of time?

That last moment that we looked into each other’s eyes,

I knew I would never see you again.

You didn’t look back,

they never do.

Now all I can hope is to haunt you in your dreams –

So you can feel the pain I feel right now.

I loved you now and I will love you then,

but love will never convince you to spread your wings and fly.

And I can’t live my life stranded on the ground.