Check Mate

You came into my life,

When it was least expected.

And then you left,

As quickly as you came.

Now I am left here –

Wondering if this is all a game.


When Love Isn’t Enough

I hope you see me when I’m no longer there.

I hope you realize what you just lost as I walk away.

I hope you think about me all the lonely nights,

when I could’ve been right there.

I hope one day you finally open your eyes to everything that was standing right in front of you.

Why couldn’t I have been enough right there in that moment of time?

That last moment that we looked into each other’s eyes,

I knew I would never see you again.

You didn’t look back,

they never do.

Now all I can hope is to haunt you in your dreams –

So you can feel the pain I feel right now.

I loved you now and I will love you then,

but love will never convince you to spread your wings and fly.

And I can’t live my life stranded on the ground.